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Q:  Are my dues, registration fees and donations to LEAD Alumni tax deductible?
A:  Yes, the Nebraska LEAD Alumni Association is a 509-A-(2) Non Profit Corporation.  This tax designation is a derivative of the 501-C-(3) tax code.  All dues, donations, endowments, etc are tax deductible.

Q:  What are my dues used for?
A:  The dues are used for many projects and also for support of the LEAD program.  Some of the projects that dues support are the newsletter, the Ag Adventure Tour, the LEAD at the Legislature event, National and International Travel Study Seminars, District Meetings just to mention a few.

Q:  If I would like to serve on the Board of Directors, what do I need to do?
A:  Each LEAD Class has a representative on the Board of Directors.  Class members elect the person to serve.  If you have an interest, contact Nancy to see when your board representative will complete his/her term and then contact your class members to let them know you are interested in serving.

Q:  How long are the terms of office on the Board and what are the duties?
A:  Members are elected for a three year term and are eligible to serve for an additional three years if they wish.  The Board meets four times a year.  Meetings are generally scheduled the day of the LEAD Graduation and Honors Banquet, sometime in June, in September around Husker Harvest Days and the day of the annual meeting of the LEAD Alumni either in December or January.  Board members will also serve on a committee of the Board.  These committees may meet at other times during the year.

Q:  What Committees does the Board have and can I serve on one without being Board members?
A:  The Board has many committees and welcome Alumni members to serve on them.  The standing committees are:

    1. Investment Committee
    2. LEAD at the Legislature Committee
    3. Strategic Planning Committee ( active every three years)
    4. Friend of LEAD Committee (awards committee to choose winner each year)
    5. Outstanding LEAD Alum Committee (awards committee to choose winner each year)
    6. Nominations Committee (to fill vacant Board positions)
    7. Audit Committee (Active every other year)
    8. Ag Adventure Tour Committee

Q:  How does the Board decide what projects they want to do each year?
A:  The Board prepares a strategic plan every 3-5 years which sets their goal line for that period of time.  They also send out a survey to the members every few years which gives them some input on the member’s desires.  Members also give input at the annual meeting.

Q:  Does the Alumni Association donate to the LEAD program?
A:  Yes, the Association donates dollars every year to the program.  Last year the Board donated $7,500.00 to the program.

Q:  I have trouble deciphering all of the acronyms used by LEAD, LEAD Alumni and other programs that are listed periodically in the newsletter and via mail – can you help?
A:  Acronyms can be confusing; we will try to help by listing the ones we use most often:

    1. NALC – Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council – This is the governing board for the LEAD program
    2. LEAD – Leadership, Education, Action, Development – is the title for the program that we all participated in for a two year period.
    3. LEAD Alumni – LEAD fellows who have graduated from the LEAD program and are dues paying members of the Alumni Association.
    4. NAC – Nebraska AgRelations Council – An organization whose corporate offices are housed out of the University of Nebraska.  The NAC gives complimentary membership to all graduating LEAD classes each year and are the sponsors of the Ag at the Crossroads Conference that each LEAD class attends in November.
    5. NE AG Classic – A new organization of which LEAD Alumni is a member – Made up of eleven various commodity board and grower group representatives as well as LEAD Alumni and the NE AgRelations Council.  The first annual conference for this group was held in December of 2005.

Q:  Can I advertise in the newsletter?
A:  Yes, the Board has decided to open up the newsletter for Alumni to advertise their business ventures.  If you want more information, contact our newsletter editor.

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