2018 Friend of LEAD Award Recipient – Paul Eveland

The 2018 recipient of the Allen G. Blezek Friend of LEAD Award is Paul Eveland. Paul grew up in Elmwood, Nebraska and spent three and a half years in the U. S. Army, including service in the Philippines and Japan. Paul was discharged with the rank of Captain. After the service, he and his wife, Kay, moved to Elmwood where he farmed and owned a rock quarry. He was President of the Cass County Farm Bureau and the Cass County Republican Party.

Some of his endeavors included a purchase of the old sugar beet factory in Dodge County where he used the lime (by-product of sugar production) to start his lime spreading business. In 1961 the Eveland family moved to the farm where he operated the Eveland Supply Company. This business is still running and is now located in Scribner NE. Paul is active in his church, The United Presbyterian Church, was a charter member of the NBC School Board and served as President of the Nebraska Class VI School Board Assn.

Paul is recognized as a 60 plus year Mason and has held multiple offices in that organization. Paul has served as chair of the Dodge County 4-H Council, President of the Dodge County Extension Board, Chair of the Dean’s Advisory Committee for University of Nebraska’s College of Agriculture, a member of NE Ag Builders and multiple other organizations.

In addition to all of his many accomplishments and all of his extensive experience, the LEAD program was extremely fortunate to have Paul as one of the “Founding Fathers” of the Nebraska LEAD Program. He was initially on the Program Steering Committee and then served as one of the original Members of the Board of Directors of the Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council from 1981-1984. Paul’s vast experience and success proved to provide real strength to the “LEAD Dream.”

Those connected to the Nebraska LEAD Program today, as well as those familiar with the history of the Program, are indebted to Paul Eveland for his foresight, vision, and leadership in the establishment of the Nebraska LEAD Program and the Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council. After all of the years, the program continues to be recognized as one of the finest in the country because of the leadership provided by Paul Eveland.

It is very fitting to honor him as the “2018 Allen G. Blezek Friend of LEAD Award” recipient. Thank you!